What is Cornerstone Bible Ministries?

brown and black welcome bulletin board

Greetings and welcome to Cornerstone Bible Ministries,

I am excited about this new venture, and looking forward to what God has for us. Let me begin with telling you about this wonderful ministry.  Dad’s dream for this ministry is that it would be a tool to bring about growth in the people who came. That this growth would also create disciples of Jesus Christ who would go out into the world spreading the Gospel to all they meet.

I believe it has done so. But, it also created a family. We are a small group, but we have a big heart. I am amazed how these people are there for each other. No matter the problem, we are there for one another.

Not only do we study God’s Word, but we pray for one another and others. We would love to pray for you. We are a group of prayer warriors.

Since January, we have been studying the book of Ephesians from A New Testament Commentary – EPHESIANS, by Bob Yandian. This has been a time of training for me. As God told me, “My training wheels”. I have, and do minister to others, but stepping in Dad’s shoes has not been easy. However, with the Holy Spirit I have been making progress and am finding my own “style”.

This study has also brought a renewal, a fire, and a desire to dig deeper into God’s Word. This journey is one that I will share with you.

One of the purposes for this blog is to publish the lessons from Tuesday night. This way those that miss that meeting, or those that cannot attend because they are not in our area, can print the lesson and study the along with us.

Please join us in our journey.

Bryan Hawthorne

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